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Essential Exercise Equipment

Interest in home gym equipment has risen during recent years.  With modern technology came the tools and gadgets, which has made live easier on us, because it has reduced the time it once took to complete the task.  The physical aspect of the job has been replace with a machine.  We no longer have to chop the vegetables for dinner; we just push a button.  We don't have to scrub our clothes and hang them outside to dry; we just turn a dial.   So now to accomplish a chore, which in years past would have taken several hours, only takes a few minutes.  Our day-to-day lives have become deskbound. 

There are still some occupations where people are required to perform physically strenuous tasks, but not many.  Most of the average occupations are not required to do anything in the aspect of strenuous physical labor.

With the physical aspect of our workload decreased or eliminated all together, our health is being put more and more at risk.  There have been noted increases in heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and other health issues.  Doctors have reported our bodies need exercise.

Also, with time saving machines and gadgets, we are able to cram more activities into our schedule.  This not only creates a certain amount of stress, but it also makes it more difficult to make the time to go to the gym.  For this reason many people are opting to exercise at home where there are in comfortable surroundings.

Home gym exercise equipment sales are on the rise as more and more people choose the option of exercising at home rather than a formal gym.  For those of you who are health-conscious putting together a home gym is the best gift you can give yourself.  The added plus is the home equipment is more convenient and easier to use than the equipment at the gym.

For those of you who are looking for exercise equipment for your home, you will be happy to know most of the equipment will take up less space and require very little maintenance. 

On the market today, you will find exercise equipment, which is designed to work the whole body rather than just one body part.  Gone is the need to buy a separate piece of exercise equipment for a different body part.  This is a boon for people who have made the choice of exercising at home.  They will be required to only purchase one piece of equipment instead of three or four.  If you are looking for equipment for your home gym, you will not have to set aside a whole room.  It will be easy to find a small corner in your home to house your exercise equipment.

When it comes to choosing the right equipment for you, it may be a little confusing.  There will be so many choices for you to pick from.  According to the manufacturers their equipment is the best piece of equipment you can buy.  Then when you go home, you will see several infomercials on exercise equipment.  They look so easy to use.  It seems like every week someone has come up with a new piece of exercise equipment.  So how do you choose?

It is recommended you talk to a professional trainer to help you choice the right piece of equipment for you.  They will be able to assess your current condition and simplify your goals and then advise you on the best home fitness equipment for your needs.  They can even assist you with training on your new piece of equipment.  This will enable you to maximize the value of the equipment for you.


Before You Start Buying Fitness Equipment

If you have decided to switch from working out in the gym to working out at home knowing what exercise equipment to buy can be difficult.  There are many different types of machines to look at.  So, where do you start?

Starting a new exercise routine if you have never had one before can make it harder to stick with and not give up.  There is no guarantee you will use the exercise equipment just because you bought it.  Research the exercise equipment before you buy it.  Make sure you choose an activity you will enjoy.  If you don't like riding a bike, it would be ridiculous to buy a stationary bike to exercise on.  It is a better idea to start small.  You may want to start with a good pair of shoes, a couple of dumbbells or some resistance bands.  Try an exercise video or a fitness class to figure out what you will stick with and what you don't.

It may be too personal a question, but it is something you will need to think about, which is - What is you cash flow situation?  Its not a good idea to start out with the expensive machines until you are sure you are going to stick with it, but you can start with some of the smaller, less expensive equipment.  Start off with an exercise ball and an exercise mat, or maybe some dumbbells and some resistance bands.

Don't be persuaded by people who make pie in the sky promises to make a purchase you will regret.  The infomercials late at night are famous for them.  Avoid those advertisements promising "only a few minutes a day" or "guaranteed to lose inches", don't walk away, RUN!  Instead get yourself some good quality exercises and you will have better results.

One exercise is as good as another as long as it gets your heart rate up and you do it routinely   If you like to swim, try your local community pool, YMCA or health club they will have a pool will give you a wide range of exercises to choose from.  If you like low-impact exercises, check into an elliptical or a bike.

Before you go out and buy that stationary bike or elliptical trainer, or any other type of machine, check the amount of space you have to give up for this machine.  With the measurements in hand, then go pick out the type of machine you want.  This will prevent you from coming home with a huge machine and no space to put it in.

Exercise Needs Commitment

Before you go out and purchase gym equipment for your home, you need to make sure you are committed to using it after you bring it home.  It is sad, but many people have good intentions about the exercise equipment they buy, but most of the time it stands in the corner unused. 

When you purchase home fitness equipment, it is usually a fairly large investment, so you want to make sure you are buying the machine, which will work best for you.  So along with a solid commitment, you will want to make sure the equipment you buy is something you will enjoy using.  If you hate riding a bicycle, you don't want to buy a stationary bike.  You don't want your new fitness equipment to end up as so many do listed as an ad in the classifieds, or local trade paper.

Many dealers of home fitness equipment tout many claims about their equipment and they all sound great.  When you get it home, it isn't what they said it would be.  There are a large number of machines, which work as effectively as promised.  Then there are numerous products for sale who make bizarre promises about their machine and its capabilities.  You might want to avoid those types of machines.

The worst part of the sale and purchase of one of these machines is the huge disappointment for the customer who made the purchase.  This will undermine their motivation, which can also lead to depression.  Those people who really need to improve their health and fitness because of weight or health issues; the depression might lead them to grasp at the next bizarre promise.

When you are looking for gym equipment for you home gym, you should focus your assessment on the machine, which offers a total body workout.  Because there is limited space in your home, you will only have room for one piece of equipment.  So, it is best to get a piece of equipment to do it all.  It will also cost you less to buy one quality piece of equipment than it is to buy several pieces.

You will need to combine your exercise routine with good balance nutrition.  The two together will accomplish what one could do without the other.  While  you are shopping for the quality piece for your home gym, make sure you are aware of any additional charges over and above the price of the machine.  Also since the machines are heavy, check the shipping and handling charges.  If you buy locally, there will probably be a delivery charge.

On the next page we will talk about Building A Home Gym.


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